A. B. Nebb

Ouija boards have been a controversial paranormal tool since the beginning of their existence. While some believe they are great tools to communicate with the other side, others heed warnings over whom or what they could of actually been in contact with. One family in Frederick however managed to solve their haunting with the information they got from an ouija board.

In the 1970’s a family bought a home in Frederick near the fairgrounds. They did renovations in their new home which seemed to trigger some strange occurrences. At first they were hearing voices, footsteps and occasional banging in parts of the home. Once they heard a loud moan and something attacked their dog. The activity escalated when the wife saw a man in the bathroom. He yelled at her to stop her digging and to leave his family alone, and then he vanished.

After the scary occurrence in the bathroom, the wife decided to use an ouija board to see if she could find out more about the spirits in her new home. She contacted a spirit named A. B. Nebb who claimed he lived in the backyard in a shack. His family, a wife and child, died from illness and had unmarked graves somewhere on the property. He claimed he visited their graves every day.

The wife realized that her new garden she was digging in the yard could be the cause of the hauntings. She moved the location of her new garden and blocked off the old area from the dog. After these few arrangements the activity ceased. The family never did find out if there were graves in the yard.


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