Admiral Fell Inn

Admiral Fell Inn, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland

Admiral Fell Inn

Fells Point is more than just bars and restaurants. Despite the history of brothels, taverns, and piracy, one historical building was opened with good moral in mind and managed to keep its upscale image throughout the centuries of changes in Fells Point.

Early Days & History

The Admiral Fell Inn, located at 888 South Broadway, opened in the early 1900s under the name the Anchorage. The Anchorage was a Christian based boarding house opened by the Port Mission Womens Auxiliary for sailors who wanted a safer place to stay while in Fells Point. The Anchorage was taken over by the YMCA in 1929 and expanded it to 105 rooms. Due to the tiny rooms, the building was nicknamed the “Doghouse.” The Doghouse stayed open until 1955. Afterwards the building was used for various things such as a vinegar bottling factory. In 1985, The Admiral Fell Inn opened as a bed and breakfast after renovations. In 1996, after more renovations and a major expansion, the bed and breakfast became the hotel it is known for today.

Forever Guests

The Inn has a few spirits that frequent the place. One spirit is believed to be a previous employer, Rebecca Milowe, who used to work at the inn. She is seen in colonial clothing and often sings to guests and tells them her story. The inn also has two very noisy spirits that guests often complain about. One spirit the owners call Bitsy haunts the second floor and Grady haunts the third floor. Once guests complain about them they stop their activity. There have been other random incidences reported Guests were in for a shock when an elderly man hugged a little girl then vanished once she left. Another guest found a little boy in their room that vanished once they acknowledged him. In 2002 a worker heard noises in the basement when the lights were out but found no one there when the lights were turned on. During hurricane Isabel in Sept 2003, the managers watching over the hotel would hear dancing and footsteps on the above floors when no one was there.


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