Admirals Cup

Admirals Cup, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland

Admirals Cup

A popular bar in Fells Point is The Admirals Cup, located at 1647 Thames St. There is not much history on the bar before the early 1900’s other than the tunnels underneath the bar which were used to shanghai men into service. The Bochensky family became owners of the bar in 1916 and kept the bar in the family. The family would offer free lunches and free fish meals on Fridays.

Always Bochensky’s Bar

In 1935, Helen Bochensky inherited the bar and named it Helen’s Corner. She owned the bar until 1987 and passed away shortly after in her apartment above the bar. Since her death, people have reported seeing a woman go through the bar and up the stairs, disappearing right before entering the apartment. The television above the bar would also turn on and off by itself. The bartenders believe the spirit to be Helen since she passed away in the apartment.

The Admirals Cup Today

While the bar was a popular bar in the 1980s and 1990s, it closed in 2007. The bar was purchased by Kali’s Restaurant Group and was reopened in October 2012. The new owners created a more upscale bar only serving local beer and a smaller menu but they never changed the name. It is still The Admirals Cup as of today.


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