Angelo Castle

Angelo Castle, Ellicott City, Maryland

Angelo Castle

If you travel down Main St. in Ellicott City during the fall and winter seasons, when the leaves have fallen from the trees, you will find the majestic breathtaking view of Angelo Castle watching over the town. Angelo Castle or Cottage, depending on who you speak to, also harbors an eerie ghost story to add to Ellicott City’s legends.

The Beginning Years
Angelo’s Castle was built in 1833 which was inspired by a French castle with the same name. Constructed in the shape of a cross, the home was made with granite and yellow stucco. The builder is believed to be Samuel Vaughn, but recent discoveries have argued that the castle was built by Alfred S. Waugh, and Samuel was just the first owner. Vaughn was often traveling back and forth from France and Ellicott Mills, and did not like how developed Ellicott Mills was becoming, which prompted him to sell the property to Andrew McLaughlin within a year of it being built. McLaughlin owned the home for a very short period of time, before using it as a lottery prize but it is unknown who exactly won the castle.

The Reverend and the Ghost
During the years of the civil war, the castle was reported to have housed veterans and was also used for masses while St. Paul’s was being built. Somewhere during this time, Reverend Moor owned the castle. Supposedly during renovation of the home, Moor started reporting strange noises in the basement and which inspired the claims of Angelo’s Castle being haunted. He believed that the original builder was upset with him for changing the home, which he purposely built in the shape of a crucifix. Others reported hearing the sounds as well during Moors time in the house. According to Troy Taylor, it is rumored that the basement of the home contains the remains of Moor. It is believed that he was buried in the very same tunnels that he used to help slaves escape. This story also started rumors that the ghost would drag people through the tunnels in the basement and throw them out into Patapsco River if ever bothered.

The New Castle Angelo
Samuel H. Watkins purchased the home in 1912. His daughter Virginia loved the home and was always more than willing to share its stories. Despite her love of the house’s history, she did not believe that any of the ghost stories were true and never reported any of the strange occurrences. In 1984, the Kealey family purchased Angelo’s Castle and continued to completely remodel the home until 1999. The basement was one of the first renovations to be made but nothing strange was reported during the fifteen year project. As it stands now the newly modified castle is now a private residence.

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