Another Period In Time

Another Period In Time, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland

Another Period In Time

Any place with a morbid history involving death will have the curious pondering whether or not it is haunted. 1708 Fleet St. in Fells Point is no different. While it’s known today as a popular antique store, its past is a bit darker

A Creepy History

In 1853 Henry Sander opened his business in the building on Fleet Street, Henry Sander & Sons Funeral Home. Henry operated until his death in 1889 when his son George took over. The business remained in this location until 1939 when it moved to the mansion at Broadway Street and North Avenue.

New Business

In 1992 Joseph Frank bought the building and opened his antique store, Another Period In Time. It remained a popular antique store in Fells Point until closing around 2015.

Mr. Sander Still Around

Apparently the Sander family still liked to keep an eye on the building. Even when George Sander was alive and operated the funeral home, he would report hearing unknown footsteps and would have the alarm system go off without any reason. Joseph had a paranormal experience that led him to call in a medium to investigate. One late night, Joseph received a mysterious phone call from the store when no one was there and it was closed. The mediums investigation in 2002 led them to believe the spirit is George Sander.


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