Berthas Mussels

Berthas Mussels, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland

Berthas Mussels

One favorite well known restaurant in Fells Point is Bertha’s Mussels. Bertha’s is famous for their ever popular bumper sticker “Eat Bertha’s Mussels” that can be seen all over cars in Maryland. Another tourist draw to the restaurant is all of their well known ghosts.

The Brothel
The building that is now occupied as Bertha’s was built in the late 1700’s or early 1800’s and was used as a brothel when Fells Point was a busy shipyard. With the combination of the hostile atmosphere and common yellow fever epidemics, it was not uncommon to see many deaths in the area.

A New Restaurant 
The building had a few different uses after Fells Point came into the 20th century. It was once a dance studio and also apartments. Fells Point was still a run down ragged part of Baltimore until the 1970s. In 1972, during a time when everyone was buying establishments around the area trying to bring it back to life, Tony and Laura Norris bought an old run down bar called The Lone Star, and Bertha’s Mussels was born.

Hauntings in the Building
Bertha has a few ghosts occupying the building. One is a little girl that has been seen on the 2nd floor skipping around. It is believed she died of yellow fever in the 1800s. One of the occupants in the apartment on the 2nd floor also had a cat that would be frightened by something unseen. Another ghost that has been reported numerous times is the lady wearing a black cloak. She was seen in the mirror in the room that used to be part of the old dance studio. One customer using the bathroom reported she heard a woman talking to her but only to discover she was alone. The third ghost is called the “Tall Man.” He has been seen on the security monitors and on the stairs. Paranormal Investigators have even gotten ectoplasm coming down the steps he is seen on. Tourists have also seen a man vanish from the dining tables.

Despite the occurrences, Berthas is a very popular restaurant in Fells Point. The spirits just add to the charm and interest of the place.


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