Chester Street House

Not every haunted place in Fells Point is a bar or restaurant. One location is a private home where the owners have settled on sharing with the other side

Haunted House

The home on Chester Street was built in the 1850s. Not much history is known about the two story house other than it was believed to at one point be a store. It was purchased by Nancy Beatty and Margot Rome in December 2001. At first they didn’t notice any odd occurrences other than curtains that would often fall out of the window or shower. The strange events would slowly increase to a grate being moved by an unseen force in the kitchen, the smell of someone baking, and doors locking or unlocking themselves.

No Sleep Tonight

Nancy and Margot ignored the activity at first until it started keeping them awake at night. Once they heard what sounded like hammering in the house at midnight and would often find screws, bolts, and nails mysteriously lying around the house. Their worse incident is when they awoke to their vacuum running by itself and smoking!

Investigation Time

After the vacuum cleaner incident they decided to get some help. First they did a little questioning about the history of their home and learned from a neighbor that a carpenter had passed away in the home. They even managed to speak with the deceased carpenter’s family, who left him a shot of vodka on their mantle. Afterward they contacted a paranormal group to do an investigation. The group did get an EVP of a man saying “hanging” but other than that they learned that the spirits just wanted to be acknowledged.

Once Nancy and Margot realized their deceased roommates only wanted some attention, they told them that they did not mind sharing their home with them as long as they kept things quiet at night when they were trying to sleep. The activity has ceased after this request was made and they all seem to be co existing together in peace.


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