Friends of Fells Point (now Sticky Rice)

Sticky Rice (Formerly Friends of Fells Point), Baltimore Maryland

Sticky Rice (Formerly Friends of Fells Point)

Friends of Fells Point, located at 1634 Aliceanna St., was another tavern in Fells Point that has experienced interesting paranormal activity. Like most other buildings in Fells Point, this one has had many occupants and different uses that contribute to its history.

Past History

There is not too much history on the building itself. Besides being a bar, the building used to be a brothel in its early days and was also Dix’s Hotel during the 1930s. Dix was a rough hotel for sailors to stay due to the bar in the hotel where many fights would break out. There were also reports that a man hung himself in the upstairs part of the building in the 1940s. Billie Holiday was also rumored to performed here when the building was a brothel.


There have been quite a few different ghost stories linked to Friends. The upstairs has numerous spirits that have been reported. People have heard the spirit of a madam from its brothel days who is heard walking the second floor, and people can also smell her perfume. A man once claimed to feel as though he was being strangled upstairs, along with claims of cold spots and shadow people. Down in the bar area a bartender claimed to seen a man vanish while sitting at the bar and people have claimed to see an old lady in a rocking chair in the billiards room.

Famous Spirit

The most popular ghost story that is told at Friends is the story of a woman who claims her and her friends seen Billies spirit putting on a performance. It was very late but they all confirmed with each other that they were seeing the same thing. The spirit sang one of Billies songs and danced around the bar for about a minute before vanishing.

Current Updates

Friends of Fells Point closed in early 2010. It is now a sushi bar called Sticky Rice.


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