Gaslight House

118 East Church St

118 East Church St

Tragedy often seems to leave its impression on a location or object. A lot of haunted places seem to be the place of a tragic death or event. One house in downtown Frederick seems to be showing the results of a sad past.

The house at 118 East Church Street doesn’t seem to stick out or be anything out of the ordinary. The house has gas carriage lamps on the wall next to the doors. The side of the house is covered with ivy and it also has locked iron gates. Not too much history exists about the house but there is speculation that it was once part of the Underground Railroad. The most known history is that it used to be a boarding house.

The building was once owned by the Bopst family. The daughter of the owner was known to rent out the rooms of the house. Mr. Bopst, her father, died in one of the guest rooms. Once an unwed pregnant woman in her 40s stayed in one of the rooms and went into labor. The baby died shortly after its birth and the mother was devastated. She hung herself at the top of the stairs a few days afterwards.

The home is believed to be haunted by Mr. Bopst, the mother & her newborn baby. The owners believe there is also another woman spirit but her identity is unknown. Mr. Bopst is the most active spirit. His presence is announced by the smell of lilies. He also creates a cold spot and stands in the doorway of the room he died in. One of the women spirits can be heard laughing and walking around. The baby can be heard crying in the front room on the first floor. One of the spirits seems frustrated and does like to throw dishes, trash, and pans around in the kitchen. Once items on the mantel were thrown and destroyed. Some people have also claimed to hear religious chanting.


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