Governor Calvert House

Governor Calvert House Annapolis, MarylandAnnapolis has many historic hotels that people like to stay in. These hotels give tourists a more personal experience of living in a historic property. One hotel however may give visits more than they paid for!

Governor Calvert House Annapolis, MarylandThe Governor Calvert House, located at 58 State Circle, is dated 1695. The original home was only the first floor and basement, which contained a heater for a greenhouse in the backyard. The home has been expanded 4 times, with the last update being in 1989. It was the home of Governor Calvert who lived here in the 1720s. He was governor from 1727 until 1731. He died of Tuberculosis the following year. Afterward the home has went from a private home, to apartments and then finally to a hotel.  It became a historic inn in the 1980s.

Pervert Ghost

Like other historic inns, this one does not sell short on having residential ghosts. One is a man dressed in 18th century clothing that is seen throughout the house. Another is a woman who is believed to have committed suicide in the early 1900s in the house. The main spirit is a man named Domenic who used to work in the hotel. He once told a medium that he died in the hotel and is very well aware that he is dead. He seems to have a very perverse reason to want to stay behind in the hotel however. He enjoys watching women undress in the hotel!

The hotel is still in operation today, along with Domenic the peeping ghost!


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