Green Street Ghost

Green Street Annapolis, MarylandMany historical buildings seem to share a history of disaster. Some of the properties in Annapolis have the same fate. On October 22, 1883 a lamp in one of the stores on Main Street exploded causing one of the biggest fires the town has ever known. The fire destroyed 12 houses total.

Miss Lizzie Watkins lived in the home at the corner of Main Street and Green Street that caught fire that morning. Her nephew, Charles Legg, ran into the burning building when he discovered she was not out of the house. Charles never came back out from the inflamed building. The next day after the fire was out, Charles and Aunt Lizzie’s bodies were found burned together. It seemed that the floor right near the front door fell through, decapitating Charles. They were buried the next day together in the same coffin.

Shortly after their deaths, people started reporting seeing a headless ghost roaming the areas. Sightings have been reported on Green Street, Market Place, and Duke of Gloucester. The building is now Hats in the Belfry.

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