Hood College

Hood College has been around since 1893. Originally opening as the Woman’s College of Frederick, the college was gifted 28 acres of farm land to build the school. The college also obtained some buildings around it and they became part of the school. Some buildings history never seemed to go away either.

Brodbeck Hall was built in 1868, the oldest building on campus, as a private hall for a German social group. It went through several renovations after the school obtained it and it became the Brodbeck Music Hall. Some people claimed the building used to be a brothel, a saloon, or a bar but nothing was documented to support these claims. The only thing found to support a possible bar was beer pipes underneath the building. The spirits however seem to also support this idea.

Brodbeck Hall also shows other evidence of the social events that used to occur in the building. People have been claiming to hear parties and sounds that resemble what you would hear at a bar. Other strange occurrences reported are doors being unlocked by themselves, unknown footsteps in the auditorium, lights turning on and off by themselves, and voices on the 3rd floor.

The 3rd floor is rumored to be haunted by a student who had their throat slit in the basement and she managed to climb up to the 3rd floor before dying. This part of the building is locked and off limits to most, however a light has been reported being on in the window. A girl has also been seen holding a candle in the upper windows and has been seen walking from Brodbeck to the Chapel. The other area of Brodbeck that is widely known for occurrences is the basement. People have claimed to find objects have moved on their own. A worker, that was putting in a new HVAC system in the basement, claimed his removed shoes kept being moved.

In 2011 the staff of Blue and Grey, the college newspaper, did a séance and a paranormal investigation in Brodbeck Hall. They reported of hearing a woman laughing in the auditorium. They also claimed to have contacted a little girl on an Ouija board.

The remainder of Hood College seems to be peaceful. The only other strange reports have been of an elevator in one of the dorms that loves to operate all on its own.


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