John Brice II House

John Brice II House Annapolis, MarylandThe Brice family was one of the most well known families that have fallen in place with Annapolis history. While the James Brice house is the most famous and well known haunted area, another family house has also gotten some attention with a haunting.

At 195 Prince George Street sits the John Brice II house that was built in 1727. The ghost that resides at the house is John Brice II’s mother in law, Ariana Vanderheyden. Ariana was on her third marriage to Edmund Jennings when she lived in the home, along with her daughter Sarah Brice and John Brice II. Ariana knew her husband was cheating on her with a Miss Turner. In 1741 Ariana traveled to London with her younger children to visit her family. She warned her husband that Miss Turner better be gone when she returned. Unfortunately Ariana came down with small pox and died in London. That same day back at the John Brice II house, Miss Turner fled the house in terror after claiming to see the apparition of Ariana covered in a rash. A few weeks later her husband received a letter informing him of Ariana’s death and confirming the date was the same day Miss Turner had seen her.

People still see Ariana’s spirit sitting where her portrait once stood. It is said that she is usually seen by someone who is being dishonest or cheating on their spouse. She has also been seen in the windows from people outside the house and can be heard walking around.


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