Jonas Green House

Jonas Green House Annapolis, MarylandAnnapolis is home to America’s first woman newspaper editor and owner. Anne Catherine owned the Maryland Gazette newspaper with her husband which operated out of her home at 124 Charles Street. They faced a lot of hardships together including the deaths of most of their children. Some of them still reside there today.

The house on Charles Street has parts of it that dates back to the late 1600s.  Even though it is now called the Jonas Green House, the home was actually rented by Jonas Green. He married Anne in 1738 and moved into the home in the 1740s. They started the Maryland Gazette in the home and Anne also was known to sell chocolates at the docks. The home was also used as the post office until 1764. They had 14 children but only 6 of their children lived beyond their childhood years. Jonas died in 1767, leaving Anne to run the Maryland Gazette. Anne purchased their home in 1770 and continued the Maryland Gazette. She eventually started her own printing company in her name until her death in 1775 at the age of 60.

The home and the printing company remained in the Green family until modern time. In the 1980s the property was used as a rental before the Green descendants began renovations.  They did discover items from the American Revolution hidden in the house. By the late 1990s the home was converted into a Bed and Breakfast.

Stories of the home started spreading around town. People started claiming of doors locking and unlocking by themselves, as well as opening and closing on their own. Footsteps, voices, and seeing mysterious things out of the corner of eyes were other incidences that were told. Mysterious crying seems to be the most common occurrence in the house. It is believed that Anne has been heard crying and a child has been seen crying in the corner. It is believed that it could possibly be one of Anne’s deceased children.


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