Judges Bench

Judges Bench, Ellicott City, Maryland

Judges Bench

While shopping in downtown Ellicott City, you are most likely to come across tons of small businesses that have so much history. It makes the business more known for where it is located than its actual purpose. One particular place like this is The Judge’s Bench Pub. The pub is an enjoyable place to go to hang out with friends, get a drink after work, and listen to live entertainment. What some people fail to realize is that it also has a sad history.

Mom and Pop Store
On hot summer days in the 1800’s, Ellicott City’s judges would love to get a cold refreshing beverage to help beat the heat. Instead of heading to a bar however, the watering hole they would go to was Main Street’s small grocery store that had benches outside with cool shade. Thanks to this summer tradition the small grocery store became the pub that is now known as the Judge’s Bench.

Mom and Pop’s Heartbreak
According to the bar’s employees, the owners of the grocery store had a daughter named Mary. One day Mary met a soldier while working in her parent’s store and fell in love. They planned on running away together but their plans ended as Mary’s family found out. The soldier left Ellicott City and a devastated Mary in result hung herself in the attic (Personal communication, September 30, 2009).

Haunted Pub
Bartenders have reported bottles falling off of the shelves, toilets flushing, and noises coming from the attic where Mary killed herself. The owners of the bar believe it to be Mary and enjoy sharing their ghost stories with interested customers.

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