Minihane’s Irish Pub (Howard House)

Irish pubs are often thought to be a fun place to go to hang out with friends, unwind from a busy day, or just to stop in to have a quick drink. Most pubs have interesting histories and stories of events that took place at the location. Some have a few visitors who just will not leave.

Minihane’s Irish Pub, located at 101 West Main Street in Elkton, is located in a very historical building. Before it was the pub, it was famously known as the Howard House. The building is dated back to 1853 and has been used as many different businesses such as a dentist office, a barbershop, apartments, a hotel, and even at one point a horse stable. The Ruth family owned it when it was the Howard House and they then sold it to Dennis Minihane. Minihane did some renovations, such as removing the spiral stairs, before opening his pub. Minihane’s opened December 20, 2013.

While no notable deaths or bad fortunes seem to have happened in the building, it is believed to have a ghost or two. People have reported strange sounds and the feeling of being watched.


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