Mitchell House

“The Doctor is in.” A quote heard by so many and said so often when the arrival of a medical professional. One old house in Elkton has probably had this saying more than most doctor offices in Cecil County. The doctor even seems to remain there till this day.

The Mitchell House, located at 131 East Main Street, was built by Dr. Abraham Mitchell in the late 1700s. Mitchell built the home after his father gifted him $500 for becoming a doctor. The home was originally believed to have been built to be an office. During the Revolutionary War, the home was actually used as a hospital, and it is thought that some of the soldiers were buried on the property. Mitchell passed away on September 30, 1817, while living on his property in Fair Hill. The home was used as residential for a while. The house was restored in 1979 to be used as legal offices.

People that lived in the house have reported many strange occurrences. Unknown laughter would be heard in the house. Animals acted strangely and would stare at unseen beings. Footsteps, banging, doors open and close on their own, objects moving on their own, and lights in the attic would turn on and off by themselves. The Murphy family, who used to live in the home, claimed to have seen a man in the house and one family member claimed to have felt someone holding them down on the bed at night. The Murphy family had a maid who claimed to see a woman in the house and would get so spooked that she would not work unless someone was home.

The home is a national historic registered property. It is currently used for private venues.


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