Old Annapolis Jail (Dock Street Bar & Grill)

Dock Street Bar and Grill, Annapolis Maryland

Dock Street Bar and Grill

Old Time Jailbirds

Located at 136 Dock Street is where the old jail used to be in Annapolis. Back in the 1700s people were imprisoned all together and it did not matter what you were incarcerated for. Violent criminals were put with people who owed money. The only plus side to the ones in debt had to look forward to was the worse of the criminals were usually executed within a few days. The prison was a disease infested place with bugs, rats and death. Some prisoners were chained up to the wall and left for days after they had died.

Forever Imprisoned? 

In the early 1800s the prison was destroyed and a new building was erected in its place. The new building became home to many restaurants and taverns over the years. However it seems as though some of the prisoners haven’t left. Employees have reported hearing the sounds of gates closing, phantom footsteps, voices, and other unexplained sounds. One worker in the kitchen area reported hearing someone asking them for a drink of water when no one else was there. At night after closing, people claimed to see lights and movement inside the building.

The building today is now Dock Street Bar and Grill.


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