Prospect Hall

Most schools in Maryland hold a lot of history and did not start out as actual schools. Most campuses are created from older buildings combined together to create modern schools. St. John’s Catholic School in Frederick is no exception. One of the buildings has a very interesting and sad history.

The original Prospect Hall was built in 1732 by Daniel Dulany on his property called Taskers Chance. Daniel Dulany has the most interesting story of the home however. Dulany had a son who fell in love with their servant’s daughter, Agnes. Dulany did not approve of this and sent his son off to England for school. Shortly after Agnes disappeared, believed to have been buried in the walls of the house and left to die.

The home went through many owners throughout the years. The McPherson family built the current Prospect Hall that we now see there today during their time owning the property. The home was also noted of being used during the civil war as a hospital, as were most properties in that time. In the 1950s St. John’s Catholic School, a private high school, bought Prospect Hall.

Prospect Hall seems to be home to many different spirits. The main spirit is Agnes. She is often seen in the library, on the stairs and in the tech center. She is said to mess with the computers. People have also claimed of hearing her crying, doors opening & closing, strange music and footsteps. She also likes to bang on the walls.

Another spirit that is said to haunt the building is Major General Joseph Hooker. Major Hooker commanded General George Meade and probably would have been well known if he not have died in the Civil War. He is often seen in the library holding his head and looking upset.

The last known spirit of Prospect Hall is Blueskin. Blueskin is George Washington’s horse who was raised at Prospect Hall and also retired here until his death. He was buried on the front lawn of Prospect Hall. People claim to hear galloping around the property even though no horses are around.

In 2013 St Johns Catholic School moved. The old property, including Prospect Hall is now part of a new apartment complex.


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