Ramshead Tavern

Ramshead Tavern Annapolis, MarylandAnnapolis has plenty of restaurants and bars for its nightlife. One of its most popular is Ramshead Tavern. Unlike the other places in Annapolis, Ramshead is a popular place to see live music since it features its own concert venue. It also has an employer who seems to want to stay on there forever.

Ramshead is made up of several connected buildings that were all built different times. The first origins of the buildings that would create Ramshead started as a shop called The Crown and Dial, located at 27 West St. This location became Sign of the Tree in 1794. The other buildings were built between the years of 1831- 1949. The Sign of the Tree was there through the Civil War. The building remained a tavern throughout the years and in 1989 it became Ramshead Tavern.

During the time of the Civil War when the building was The Sign of the Tree, most of the female servers also worked as prostitutes. While some worked serving the bar (the area that is now the basement in Ramshead), others would entertain men upstairs. One evening a server named Amy was working and she took a soldier upstairs to her room. They had a wild night together, which tragically ended when the bed fell through the floor and snapped Amy’s neck instantly. One of the legs on the bed managed to get stuck in the floor, where it can still be seen today in the ceiling over the bar.

When Ramshead Tavern merged with the other buildings connected to it and renovations took place, a concrete pillar was put in and when the workers went back the next day, the name Amy was written in the concrete. Amy is now known for being a flirtatious spirit who likes to give male customers attention by rubbing their hair, touching their faces, and giggling in their ear. They also report smelling her perfume around them. On the downside Amy tends to spill drinks on women, knock them off their chairs in order to scare them away from their significant other.  Most negative incidences happen to women employees such as plates falling, moving furniture, and equipment not working. One evening recalled an all female group was trying to close and the chairs kept falling off the tables, the phone would ring constantly with no one on the other end, and the electric receipt calculator was going off while powered off and unplugged from the wall. After this incident the women would designate a boyfriend to come and hang out at the bar so they could close up and let Amy bother him.

Another spirit haunting Rams Head is a soldier. No one knows who he is but he is seen in a union military uniform. People usually see him at the bar drinking or walking down the hallway. If someone leaves a beer alone for a long period of time in the Tearoom, it will disappear from the glass as if someone else drank it.


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