Schifferstadt Architectural Museum

SchifferstadtOne of the most historical buildings in Frederick is the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum at 1110 Rosemont Ave. This building was built in 1758 by Elias Brunner. Elias was the youngest son of Joseph Brenner who originally built a log cabin on the property after he purchased 248 acres in 1756. The Brunner family were German immigrants who named the property after their home town. Elias built Schifferstadt to protect them against the French and Indian Wars. It seems the Brunner family wanted to remain in this home a long time, even after their deaths.

Schifferstadt is known for having multiple spirits. The activity seemed to begin after the home was renovated. The first spirit that is well known is Christian Brunner. Christian died when he was 3 years old from illness. Investigators have gotten EVP recordings of a voice answering saying “it is Christian.” Another child that has been reported is a little boy seen in the attic named Isaiah. Wilhelmina is another spirit. She was a midwife that died in a fire at the house. People have claimed to feel her hugging them or stroking their cheeks. The 4th spirit in the house people call Jacob. Jacob is often seen in overalls and will disappear when someone speaks to him. He can also be felt, likes to open and close doors, including locking & unlocking them.

Paranormal investigators love to investigate Schifferstadt. The EVPs that have been recorded at Schifferstadt are impressive. One place that seems to get a lot of EVP recordings is the root cellar, along with footsteps. The cellar was once used as a temporary morgue when the ground was frozen and they were unable to dig graves. Another infamous EVP was recordings of voices speaking English and German. It is believed these spirits are Joseph and Elias. There has also been reports of hearing unknown hammering as if they are still working on the home.

The home was purchased by Frederick County in 1974. The building is now owned by the Landmark Foundation. It is now a historical museum.


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