Shiplap House

Shiplap House, Annapolis, Maryland

Shiplap House

Like most of the historic buildings in Annapolis, the Shiplap House was also known for tavern establishments. Also like other historic taverns in the area, it also has employees that have never left.

Shiplap House History 

The Shiplap House, located at 18 Pinkney Street, was built around 1715 and was dated as early as 1718 as a tavern owned by Edward Smith. Edward ran the tavern there until 1724. In 1780 the establishment was bought by John Humphrey and opened another tavern there called Harp & Crown Tavern. In 1877 the building was owned by an artist named Francis Blackwell Mayer who used it as his private home. In the 1980s the home was owned by a lawyer.


The ghost that haunts this home is someone from the days when it was Harp & Crown Tavern. Adrianne, one of Humphrey’s baristas and a prostitute is the popular ghost in the Shiplap House. It was said that she was popular with the men and was often proposed to but always turned down her suitor. It is believed that one of them killed her after being rejected. The document of her haunting began when the home was owned by Francis Mayer. Mayer would often write in his journal about a woman always seen in his garden. In 1883 Francis married Ellen Benton Brewer and seemed to make Adrianne jealous. One night he wrote that he went to bed early and felt the presence of a woman climb into bed next to him. He first noticed that her perfume was different than his wife’s and then noticed how cold her feet were. When he yelled his wife’s name, he heard her answer him from downstairs. The figure in his bed let out a loud moan and vanished. Ellen and Francis investigated the bed and could still see the imprint of a figure lying in it. This caused them to move out of the home shortly after. Another couple who lived in the home afterwards also reported of having issues with Adrianne. The husband claimed that he would feel a woman’s hands on his back while in bed, only to find his wife sound asleep. His wife once had an incident while changing the sheets in the bedroom. She went to get clean fresh sheets and returned to find someone had written in lipstick across the mattress “Adrianne.”

The lawyer in the 1980s who lived in the home claimed that he and his wife enjoyed messing with their guests about living in a haunted house and would play spooky sounds they hid around the house to scare them. Apparently Adrianne did not like this and shortly afterwards she climbed in bed with his wife and pushed her out of it. They moved not too long after. Other people who do not live in the home have seen her as well. A worker across the street at a restaurant reported a woman smiling at him in the yard, only for her to vanish when he waved to her and his coworker asked him who he was waving at. Tourists have taken pictures of the house and have seen a woman in the upstairs window. They have also seen her in the garden.

Audrey and Her Maid 

The other two spirits reported in the house is a little girl named Audrey and her maid. Audrey is usually seen by children and is described as about 5 years old with blonde hair and a blue dress. The children claimed that she likes to play with their toys and adults have heard her laughing in the house. Audrey’s maid is described as a young teenager wearing a dark dress and has tried to assist with the living children. They have claimed to feel her tap them on their butts when they misbehave, or have been tucked in by her at night. One person recalls being told a story about being put to sleep as a baby, only to be found with their clothing removed and only wearing a diaper when it was time to wake up.

The Shiplap House is currently an office building for the Historic Annapolis Foundation. Employees still report the spirits presence with footsteps being heard on the steps, unseen forces playing with the phones, cold spots and feelings of being touched.


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