Spring Bank Farm

A lot of changes have happened in Frederick over the years. The area has changed a lot even within the past 10 years. Developers have been purchasing land and building the city of Frederick into a very commercial area. One area that has developed within the last decade is the new shopping center right off of route 26. People who shop at Wegmans and Homegoods or eat at IHOP or Glory Days do not often realize the history that they are upon. They most likely don’t realize there is a historic house not to far with a resident who is still there.

7945 Wormans Mill Rd is the location that once used to be a 172 acre farm called Spring Bank Farm. The land was bought in 1836 by Ezra Houck. When Ezra passed away in 1878 he left the property to his son, George, who had a house built in 1880. The family lived in the 16 room house until 1907-1908 when they sold it to the Bowers family. The Bowers used the home as a summer home and added onto the house in 1926. The Bowers family owned the home until the early 1980s when they sold it to Ray & Beverly Compton. The Compton family renovated the home and turned it into a bed and breakfast. They filled the house with a lot of antique furniture and décor. One interesting collectible they had was a pipe organ located in their front hall that came from Rose Hill Manor. Unfortunately the family was ready to move on in 2007 and sold the property to Dan Ryan Builders. Dan Ryan turned the property into the surrounding shopping centers that are there today. The house is a registered historic landmark and is used for private events.

A Houck family member still seems to remain at the home. George had a daughter named Tillie who died in her 30s from illness. People have claimed to see a woman upstairs in a dark dress. Psychics and sensitives have claimed there is a woman who refuses to leave. Tillie was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery.



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