The Whistling Oyster (Now El Coyote)

The Whistling Oyster, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland

The Whistling Oyster

The bar, formerly known as The Whistling Oyster, at 807 South Broadway in Fells Point was just as popular for its ghosts as it was for its drinks. It was actually part of The History Channels “Haunted Baltimore” documentary. The main focus of the documentary was the slaves that haunted the bar.

Ghosts of the Past

Having parts of the building dating back to the early 1760’s, the early owners were known to have slaves that had quarters in a building down the street from the bar. One spirit that is seen often is a male slave who often cleans around the fireplace. The most popular story at the bar is of a bucket that mysteriously kept ending up back in the center of the floor after being put back in its original spot on the fireplace. It is assumed the slave spirit kept moving the bucket. Another strange occurrence is the sound of footsteps on the staircase that no longer exists. The final spirit seen is a woman behind the bar, who disappears when customers try to talk to her.

A Changing Scene

The bar was owned by Read and Louise Hopkins since the early 1970’s and was sold in 2004. Still keeping the original name, it was purchased by Amanda Sanchez in 2008 and leased to the Butlers. In April 2011, due to money issues, The Whistling Oyster officially closed its doors. The bar was reopened in August 2011 by Ryan Perlberg under the name Rye. In 2016 Rye moved to another location and in early 2017 El Coyote Bar & Grill opened in the location.




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