The Zodiac


The Club Charles gained a sister restaurant in 1996. The owner, Joy Martin, purchased the establishment next door and opened the Cajun food restaurant. The theme of course matched the name, The Zodiac.

Ghost of the Zodiac

Like Club Charles, The Zodiac also came with a resident ghost. This ghost however is much darker and more sinister than Frenchie. This spirit is always seen sitting at table 3, sometimes with a dog, other times with a drink and cigarette. A worker would go to wait on him only for him to vanish as they return with a menu. The employees claim that he gives them an eerie feeling and they always feel like someone is watching them. The spirit has also been violent with the staff. The employees are scared to go on the 3rd floor after someone was pushed through the door and heard a voice telling them to “Get Out” and slammed the door behind them. Joy Martin has been pushed down the steps also, causing her to break her wrist. The haunting got so popular it attracted “The History Channel’s Haunted History.” While filming the special, a crew member from the History Channel was mysteriously locked in the bathroom.

A Spirit Identified

Joy eventually spoke to people in the neighborhood and found out that the building once was a secret illegal bar during prohibition. It was owned by a man named McKim who died in the basement after he hung himself. It was believed that he committed suicide over his wife leaving him and Joy believes that McKim is the hostile spirit in the Zodiac.

The Zodiac Today

The Zodiac closed August 9, 2008 after a gas line was severed by workers. It was rumored to be a comedy club shortly in 2013. As of now the establishment is closed.


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