Waterfront Hotel Tavern

Waterfront Hotel Tavern, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland

Waterfront Hotel Tavern

While other bars in the area are mostly known for types of drinks, a certain food, or specific live entertainment, one bar at 1710 Thames Street in Fells Point can add TV show set to their attraction.

The Early Days

The Waterfront Hotel was built in 1771 as a home for Thomas Long. In 1781 the building was bought by a Cumberland Dugan who turned the establishment into a hotel. It is also believed that Edgar Allen Poe had drinks at The Waterfront Hotel.

The Current Bar

It’s the more current history that seemed to put the Waterfront Hotel in a spot light. Baltimore is known for a popular detective drama: Homicide, Life On the Street. This show has actually filmed at the Waterfront Hotel as the bar that was owned by the detectives. At the time the show ran in the 1990s the bar was owned by Chet Tokarski and he claimed the publicity from the show increased business.

Who Else Is There

After the show ended the bar did go through renovations. It was during these renovations that workers started believing they were not alone in the bar. The workers claimed they would hear children. One has even seen a child disappear in the bar. The activity seemed to be focused on the 2nd floor. No one knows who these children were or why they were there but it seemed the renovations may have disturbed them.

The Bar Today

The bar went under new management and has also gone under more renovations in 2011 – 2012. There has not been any known reports of paranormal disturbances since then.


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