William Paca House

William Paca House Annapolis, MarylandAnother famous historical home in Annapolis is the William Paca House. This house was the home of Maryland’s 3rd governor, who also signed the Declaration of Independence! Unfortunately with all of his success William Paca still suffered some tragedy.

William Paca built the house in the late 1700s, after marrying his wife in 1763. The house was home to them, their three children, their niece, and their servants & slaves. The family suffered the loss of 2 of their children, as well as their niece Henrietta (Henny). While it is unknown how their children died, Henny died of illness in a room nicknamed the “sick room.”

The family sold the house in 1780 and the house remained as a private home until the 1800s when it became a rental. In the early 1900s it became a hotel called Carvel Hall. In 1965 the state saved the house from being demolished by purchasing and restoring it. The home became a National Landmark in the 1970s.

William Paca House & Garden Annapolis, MarylandPeople that visit the home have been reporting odd occurrences. Reports of doors being slammed and objects being moved have become common in the house. One reporter recently had his camera phone completely malfunction when trying to get a picture of the house. It is believed to be Henny, William Paca’s niece.

The house is still open today for paid tours during the spring and summer seasons.


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