Cats Eye Pub

Cats Eye Pub, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland
Cats Eye Pub

The Cat’s Eye Pub, located at 1730 Thames St., is a popular Irish bar in Fells Point that is opened 7 days a week and a great place for live entertainment. It was voted the Best Live Music Bar by Baltimore Magazine in 2009. It is also known for its infamous “Wall of Death” where pictures of deceased workers and well known customers hang as a dedication. Some believe that a few of the deceased are still at the bar today.

A Little History

Like many buildings in Fells Point, the Cat’s Eye Pub was a brothel in the 1700’s. It was part of Fells Point’s “Red Light District.” In 1975 the building was purchased by Kenny Orye. Kenny was well known for pulling pranks and goofing off at the bar with his friend and bartender Jeff Knapp. Kenny owned the pub until his death in 1987. Tony Cushing is now the current owner.

Still Working

One ghost story of the Cat’s Eye Pub is a constant reminder of what the bar used to be. When the building was purchased and renovated to become a bar, one thing that was noticed was all of the light switches that were once used for the “red lights.” The construction workers put up drywall over the switches since they were no longer in use. Customers and workers today often hear the sound of the switches being turned on and off behind the walls.

The prostitutes are not the only ones who are still working after their death. Beloved owner Kenny and his sidekick Jeff are still overseeing the Cat’s Eye. One day a woman was in the bar talking about Kenny and when she started speaking negatively about him his picture flew off of the Wall of Death and hit her in the head. Another favorite story is a few years ago a woman came in the bar and asked to purchase a shirt from the bartender working there. A few days later she returned and was looking for the same bartender. After describing him to another worker, they showed her the “Wall” and there she recognized Jeff’s picture and told them that was who sold the shirt to her. The only problem was that Jeff passed away in 1992.

Despite the strange history and artifacts of the Cat’s Eye Pub, it is still a great bar to visit for great music and few ghosts.


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