Cornhill Street Headless Ghost

Cornhill Street, Annapolis, MD
Cornhill Street

One story in Annapolis gives sibling rivalry a whole new meaning. Two young brothers who lived on Cornhill Street in the 1770s lost their parents to smallpox. The brothers inherited everything from them. As a lot of young men are with money, these two would waste away their small fortune on alcohol, prostitutes, and parties which caused a lot of complaining from the neighbors. After one loud party one night the neighbors stopped hearing sounds from the house and only the younger brother was seen. He told the neighbors his older brother had run off and it seemed that he turned over a new leaf with his behavior. The neighbors no longer had to complain about him until a strange foul odor started coming up from his basement. Authorities were eventually called and the older brother was found cut up in pieces in the basement. The younger brother confessed that he got into a fight with his brother during their last party and he accidentally killed him. He was in the process of taking the body down to the water piece by piece but so far had only managed to dispose of the head, which was never found again. The younger brother was taken to jail which is where he died.

The hauntings began almost immediately following the younger brother