Elk Forge Inn Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfasts offer that feeling of home when away from home. It gives people a house to stay in along with a cozy bedroom and a home cooked meal. When located in a popular area with competition, often Bed & Breakfasts have to think of ways to make their business stand out. Some offer more luxury amenities while others offer a taste of unique history. One offers a bit of both, with a ghostly reminder of its past.

Elk Forge Inn Bed & Breakfast, located at 807 Elk Mills Rd in Elkton is a very unique place. The registered historic Bed & Breakfast offers 14 luxurious suites & rooms. Elk Forge has been owned by Dr. Harry & LeAnn Lenderman for over 40 years and they have found many ways to stand out. Their property offers room to host weddings, parties, receptions, etc. It also has a luxury spa and has entertainment theater. The massages at the spa and food has visitors comparing the Inn to Bed and Breakfasts in Europe. The home also has a spooky history that offers its very own ghost.

In 1777 the British passed through Elkton and were known for forcefully taking supplies from settlers. They stopped at the mill that will one day become Elk Forge and took flour from the miller. The miller decided to teach them a lesson by putting grinded up glass in the stolen flour. The British discovered what he did and hung him, accusing him of treason.

It is believed the miller now haunts the Bed & Breakfast. Some visitors have claimed to see him around the property. Reports of also hearing mysterious voices and footsteps throughout the inn have also been told to the owners.


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