Fair Hill

Natural Resource areas and parks are a great relaxing place to go to get away from it all. Always a wonderful place to connect with nature. Most have always been a serene area with no human interference, while others may have a little more than hikers and nature fanatics bargained for.

Fair Hill (300 Tawes Dr. Elkton, MD 21921) is a Natural Resource Management area that sits on about 5600 acres of land. The natural resource area is located in Northeast Cecil County right outside of Elkton. It was purchased in 1975 from William Du Pont Jr., a popular fox hunter, and horse racing enthusiast. Du Pont was a well-known citizen in Elkton for bringing horse racing to town since he purchased the property in 1926, but he is not the only known owner of Fair Hill. Some owners have left their tragic marks and still have not left.

Fair Hill was once home to a very rich gentleman and his younger wife. The husband loved to travel but never took his wife with him, causing her to get lonely and develop a friendship with the local blacksmith. Eventually, this friendship turned into love and they decided to try to run away together while her husband was gone. Unfortunately on their departure day, her husband returned home, discovering their plan. In a fit of rage, he shot the blacksmith and then beat his wife to death while she cried over the blacksmith’s body. To cover up his crime, he made a deal with his slave Lucas and asked for his help in burying them and for his silence in exchange for his freedom. They were buried together near the blacksmith’s shop and a tree stump was placed over the grave.

The jealous husband eventually moved on and met another woman he planned on remarrying. On the day of his wedding, a white horse had a fit at the grave spot near the blacksmith