Hogshead Museum

Hogshead Museum, Annapolis, MD
Hogshead Museum

People love to experience what life was like centuries ago. Whether it be a tour or museum, they love to try to put themselves into the shoes of those who lived long ago. One place in Annapolis gives tourist just that, and a little something more.

Hogshead is an interactive museum that allows tourists to experience what life was like for the middle to lower class in the 1700s. Owned by Historic Annapolis Foundation, the small museum is full of official artifacts from that time, re-enactors, and stories that take them back to that time. This could be why some that used to occupy the home have never left.

The house at 43 Pinkney St. dates back as far as April 1777 when it was used in the Revolutionary War as barracks for soldiers. The building was bought in the 1960s by the Historic Annapolis Foundation and was renovated.

Employees have been reporting of still seeing soldiers within the building. One employee reported in the 1980s when they went to check on the building after hours the main room was full of soldiers from the Revolutionary War. The door forcefully slammed shut on her and when she opened it the soldiers were no longer there!

Hogshead is open March through December on weekends


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