Leadbetters, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland

One tavern with a musical history opened in the 1960s named Leadbetters. Not much previous history is known about Leadbetters other than a famous performer. Located at 1639 Thames St., Leadbetters was named after blues singer Huddie Leddbetter, otherwise known as Leadbelly. Leadbelly was most known for songs such as Midnight Special, Goodnight Irene, and The Rock Island Line. He was often in trouble with the law and often used his music to get out of situations with the law. Leadbelly passed away in 1949.

The Hauntings

Leadbetters seems to have more spirits haunting the tavern other than Leadbelly. One spirit that is seen often is a sailor who was said to have been murdered behind the bar during a shanghai. He is seen walking around the bar at night, ignoring the living.

The other ghost is a man who was known for being violent and was killed by his son in the upstairs apartment building. A woman who stayed in the upstairs apartment claimed to have been woken by a man one night who screamed at her to leave. At one time the ghost