Possibly the most famous haunted house in Ellicott City, Lilburn has seen its share of haunting memories. From the tragic story of the family who created the beautiful castle, to the modern owners who are just trying to live with the dead, the stories and legends of this home have fascinated people for almost a century.

The House
Lilburn itself, which was built in 1857, catches the attention of anyone who passes by. The twenty room house is made of gray stone structure, a dark shadowing roof, and a circular driveway. The best part of the house is an immaculate tower that sits off to the side of the house, which gives it a signature gothic look. It is not hard to tell that such an amazing structure has a hauntingly tragic past.

The Hazelhurst Family
Henry Richard Hazelhurst built the home in 1857, shortly after his second marriage. The house was then known as Hazeldene. Henry moved to Ellicott City from Europe after losing his first wife. He moved into his home with his second wife, Elizabeth, and their two children, Maria and George. Not too long after moving into the estate, Elizabeth had their third child Catherine but their happiness did not last long in their new home. The following year they lost their daughter Maria to illness at the age of three. Within the next five years they had three more daughters: Margaret, Julia and Elizabeth. The civil war also affected the family. During the war, the family allowed their home to be used as a hospital. It was also believed that General Robert E. Lee also stayed at the home. In the years following, the family slowly lost land and it is believed that these events also weighted heavily on the family.
Despite her five surviving children, Elizabeth grieved heavily over the loss of Maria for the next twenty years and passed away in 1887. Catherine, who was very close to her mother, met the same tragic end in 1891. Losing his family one by one, Henry then deemed Lilburn as