Loews Annapolis Hotel

Hotels often come with a creepy story or two and have become a popular type of place for a lot of horror movies and tv shows. One hotel in Annapolis also does not fail to deliver a few hair raising stories.

Hotel History

Loews Annapolis Hotel was originally the Washington/Baltimore & Annapolis Power Sub Station that powered Annapolis and the railroad in the early 1900s. The building was owned by Annapolis Dairy from 1929 to 1959. In 1991 the building became the hotel it is today.

The Past Will Not Stay In The Past 

It seems however the past history of the building could not stay in the past. One night, after a party, workers were cleaning up and heard a loud bang. After a few minutes of searching they found milk everywhere and a broken out of date milk bottle shattered. No milk was served at the party or was anywhere near the area. Another spooky tale was a worker who was cleaning up the dining room area on the first floor when the lights started dimming and flickering. A loud mechanical sound started up and was making the room shake. The worker could not figure out what it was and went towards the closed door to see. As they approached the door, they could see a bright light peaking through. This went on a few seconds before the light and noise stopped. The worker told his supervisor what happened and they informed the worker about how the train used to run right next to the hotel. Its last stop was 11:00 PM, which was the exact time they employee had the strange experience.

The hotel is still opened today and is one of the most popular hotels in Annapolis.


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