Most people have a childhood home that always takes them back to happy memories. Maidstone is a beautiful home that holds a lot of history and memories. For one woman, this home was the only place she would forever call home.

Maidstone was originally built in the late 1600s by Samuel Chew near Owings, Maryland. The home was renovated and updated in the mid 1700s. The home stayed in the Chew family for almost 200 years. In the early 1900s it was owned by the Wilson family. Then the Hicks family purchased it in 1949.

The Gray Lady of Maidstone

The ghost haunting Maidstone is believed to be the daughter of Samuel Chew, Anne Chew. Anne died on her wedding day in 1724 of unknown causes after her husband took her on horseback to their new home. When they arrived he discovered she was deceased. Anne is usually seen in the garden dressed in a long grayish gown and veil, believed to be her wedding dress she died in. Her dress gave her the nickname the Gray Lady. She is usually a friendly spirit that likes to smile at visitors and rearrange items in the home. It was reported that once a member of the Wilson family was sleeping on the couch and was pushed off by her. Jean Hicks once reported that she had a neighbor babysit her children at the house and when she returned home she found the neighbor and their brothers guarding them with shotguns, having been scared by the Gray Lady.


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