North Market Street House

Not all haunted places in downtown Frederick are businesses. Some private homes have reports of paranormal happenings. With homes that are almost a century old, to some homes that have had many owners or tenants. Each situation is an opportunity to leave behind a lot of spiritual residue.

One house in particular is a privately owned home located in North Market Street. This house has had over 100 years of the same reports: a piano that plays by itself. The reports go back as far as 1915 when a man recalled living in this house as a child and always remembered it for the mysterious piano. It is rumored that the son of the owners before then had hung himself from a tree in the yard. He was known for his piano skills.

Over the years multiple tenants have lived in this house and have all reported strange occurrences. From dishes banging and rattling together, doors closing by themselves and electrical items turning on and off by themselves. The piano is the one thing they all had in common with their paranormal reports. Eventually the landlord found the old piano in the attic and removed it so it would stop scaring off his tenants!


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