Schifferstadt Architectural Museum

SchifferstadtOne of the most historical buildings in Frederick is the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum at 1110 Rosemont Ave. This building was built in 1758 by Elias Brunner. Elias was the youngest son of Joseph Brenner who originally built a log cabin on the property after he purchased 248 acres in 1756. The Brunner family were German immigrants who named the property after their home town. Elias built Schifferstadt to protect them against the French and Indian Wars. It seems the Brunner family wanted to remain in this home a long time, even after their deaths.

Schifferstadt is known for having multiple spirits. The activity seemed to begin after the home was renovated. The first spirit that is well known is Christian Brunner. Christian died when he was 3 years old from illness. Investigators have gotten EVP recordings of a voice answering saying