Seven Knoll Lighthouse

Seven Knoll Lighthouse, Inner Harbor, Baltimore Maryland
Seven Knoll Lighthouse

In general lighthouses have been known for having a paranormal history equivalent to old hospitals and prisons. One lighthouse in Baltimore has an amazing ghost story that led to a heroic rescue.

Lighthouse Brief History

Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse is a popular museum in the Baltimore harbor. It was built in 1856 at the entrance to the harbor. The lighthouse was used until 1988 when it was moved to the inner harbor and became a museum in 1997.

Not So Perfect Storm

The strange story of the lighthouse begins with a 90 mph wind hurricane sweeping through the east coast. During the late evening of August 20, 1933 Thomas Steinhice and his son Earl were staying in the lighthouse. Earl was suddenly woken by the feeling of a cold icy hand on him. Once he awoke he could hear a distress signal from a boat. Thomas, despite his son