Shakespeare Street

Fells Family Grave on Shakespeare St, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland
Fells Family Grave

Fells Family History

Around 1730 William Fells purchased a port called Long Island Port. From there he changed the name to Fells Point and that was the beginning. His son Edward began laying the now infamous cobblestone streets while people began to build boats and making it a popular place for building clipper ships. In the 1800s warehouses, homes, taverns, brothels, and general stores started to build in the area, making it the most popular community in Baltimore at the time. The population declined due to illness and economic issues in the mid 1800s and again in the early 1900s due to a great fire. By the 1960s the area had been neglected but the Preservation Society of Fells Point stopped the area from being destroyed and over the years it was rebuilt into the popular tourist attraction it is today.

The Ghost of Shakespeare Street

The Fells family is buried in the small family graveyard at 1607 Shakespeare Street. It is near this area and Broadway Street that a mysterious man is seen late at night walking around. When people try to approach him he disappears. People believe it is either Edward or William Fell, looking over the area they once created. William Fell II is also buried in the family cemetery. William died at 27 years old and may also be the spirit who walks the area since the spirit has been described as a young man.


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