Shipwright Street

Shipwright Street, Annapolis, Maryland
Shipwright Street

While most hauntings take place in a home or a building of some sorts, Annapolis is one town that has a few haunted streets. One street, Shipwright Street, is the scene of a ghostly funeral that forever seems to continue even to this day.

The Last British Governor

Robert Eden was the last English Governor that served under the king. He served from 1769 to 1776. When the Declaration of Independence was signed, Eden was no longer considered Governor and fled to England, abandoning all of his possessions. In 1784 he returned to Annapolis but was very weary of everyone and kept a low profile until his death that same year.

Secret Funeral Service

Despite being a friendly governor, his friends worried about him being a target so they planned a quiet funeral and a secret burial plot. They held his funeral in the middle of the night and took his body down Shipwright Street to the docks where he was taken by boat to St. Margaret