The Horse You Came In On

The Horse You Came In On, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland
The Horse You Came In On

One of the most famous bars in Fells Point holds a tragic past with a famous historical poet. The Horse You Can In On, located at 1626 Thames St, was opened in 1775 and was the only bar in Maryland that was open during prohibition. There is not much history available to the bar other than its most famous customer.

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was often found at The Horse You Came In On reciting poetry and drinking. There is much debate over what happened on the night Poe was taken to the hospital. Some claims say he was found on Lombard Street in the gutters after leaving The Horse You Came In On, while other claims suggest he was found at another tavern, Gunnar’s Hall, in a drunken state. Poe died at the hospital on October 7, 1849.

The Hauntings

No one knows when the unusual activity began at The Horse You Came In On. Strange occurrences have been reported such as the chandeliers swinging aggressively, the register drawer opening by itself, strange whispering, barstools being moved, and orbs being spotted. Psychics that have investigated the bar claim that the odd events are Edgar Allan Poe. A brave bartender decided to test this claim one evening by making negative remarks about Poe, resulting in a bunch of barstools flying across the bar and hitting into the wall. The bartender then poured Edgar Allan Poe a shot to make peace with the poet. It is now tradition for the bartenders to pour him a shot whenever they feel spooked.


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