The Old Sentry

The Old Sentry, Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland
The Old Sentry

In the early 1900s in Fells Point, Eastern Ave was the hot spot for department stores. Each tried to out do each other with sales, expansions, and even lavish buildings. One building stood out amongst the rest and was perfect for a store.

Shopping Time

The building at 501 South Broadway Street, located on the corner of Broadway and Eastern Ave, was built in 1898 for B. Noah & Sons. It was a perfect location for the department store, being that it was located right where people commonly traveled to go to Fells Point. In 1900 the building was bought by another department store, Rosenstein Bros. Rosenstein Bros had multiple locations on Broadway until they went out of business in 1911.

Shopping Soldier

While the building was mostly popular as a store, some also know it for a haunting. Claims in the building have been objects being moved and the sighting of a soldier looking out the tower window. It is believed he is a Revolutionary soldier who was keeping an eye out for the British.

The building today is now a check cashing company called Service General on the first floor. The upper floors are now apartments.


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