Tyler Spite House

Tyler Spite HouseSome people will go through great extremes to prevent something they dislike. One neighbor type revenge is what people call a spite house. These houses are built by people out of spite to irritate a neighbor or to offset any property plans the government may have. One home in Frederick is exactly that.

Tyler Spite House in Frederick

The Tyler Spite house was built in 1814 by Dr. Tyler. Dr. Tyler heard a new road was going to be constructed next to his original house and he did not want any noise that a road would bring. During that time the law was that roads could not be built where buildings are or being constructed. The night before the construction of the road was to start, Tyler hired a crew to dig the foundation of the house and the next morning when the crew to construct the road showed up, Tyler sat in the middle of the foundation in a rocking chair. The house was completed with 2 stories. Tyler never actually lived in the house but would rent it.


The house went through multiple owners after Dr. Tyler. In the early 1900s it was owned by Mary Maulsby. The home was expanded to 3 stories during the time Mary owned it. Shortly afterward it was sold to Dr. William Schnauffer. The home at one point was used as apartments, then became a bed and breakfast. It went up for sale multiple times and went through a few owners after. Today it is a bed & breakfast again.

Tyler Spite House in FrederickIt seems Dr. Tyler is still opinionated over his spite house. People started reporting strange occurrences regarding the house after Dr. Schnauffer purchased the home. The most popular story is of an artist named Marie Fernandes who lived in the 2nd floor apartment. She claimed she would be awoken nightly at 2:30 am feeling that someone other than her husband was in the room. She would be woken up also to a white shadow with long bony fingers poking her. She believed it was Dr. Tyler. Another report was of hearing footsteps and the feeling of being watched in the attic. Mary Maulsby