The Weinberg Center for the Performing Arts

Weinberg Center for the Performing ArtsPeople love the theater. Whether it the movies, opera, stand up, or a live play, people love to be entertained. Working in the theater gives people a whole new way to view it. Most who work for a theater take great pride in their work and usually put in more hours than expected. Some people even stay after their death.

The Weinberg Center for the Performing Arts was built in the 1920s. It was originally opened as the Tivoli Theater. The Tivoli Theater opened to the public on December 23, 1926. The Tivoli was a classy theater with expensive chandeliers, marble, fancy ushers, etc. In the 1940s Tivoli was the first building to have air conditioning.

Warner Brothers Corporation bought the theater in the 1950s. They did not have the same care of the theater as before and let it run down. Dan Weinberg bought the theater in 1959 and renovated it back to its classy status. Weinberg updated it to a cultural arts center when movie theaters started to compete with his theater.

Weinberg Center for the Performing Arts

In October 1976 heavy flooding from storms that overflowed Carroll Creek ended up flooding the theater. The Weinberg family ended up donating the building to the City of Frederick afterwards. The community stopped the city from demolishing the building and managed to come together and raise money to restore the theater. On February 9, 1978 the theater opened as Weinberg Center for the Performing Arts.

One worker seems to not like change to the theater and does not like new employees. This worker is Jimmy who was a projection operator and died at the center after suffering a massive heart attack. Whenever a new person is hired, Jimmy likes to mess up the bathrooms, destroy vending machines, and cause power outages. One worker claimed the brochures flew off a display table and he believes he saw Jimmy right after it happened. People have also claimed they have felt Jimmy walking behind them. One worker claims that if you just say